The Vitamin D Workshops are international scientific conferences that bring together basic researchers, clinicians and nutrition experts from around the globe. Since the first congress in 1973, there have been 22 Vitamin D Workshops with #23 in planning for August 2020.  We host a multi-day forum where the latest research on Vitamin D is presented, debated and shared​.  The Vitamin D Workshops are open to anyone with an interest in the biology and health implications of Vitamin D. An important outcome of our meeting is publication of a dedicated issue of the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology featuring work presented at the conference.  Proceedings from past meetings can be accessed under the Annual Conferences tab.  

​The Workshops are organized by a dedicated group of internationally recognized scientists who are experts on Vitamin D.  The Workshop Executive Committee (WEC) is responsible for planning and implementing the annual meetings. The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) assists the WEC in choosing session topics, speakers and awardees for each workshop. Members of both the WEC and the PAC contribute to editing and reviewing manuscripts for the Proceedings of each Workshop.

As an non-profit organization, we rely on corporate sponsorships, exhibitors and government grants to fund the workshops.  Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us in support of the 2020 congress. 

Vitamin D Workshop History

 1st - Frankfurt, West Germany (1973)

2nd - Wiesbaden, West Germany (1974)

3rd - Asilomar, CA, USA (1977)

4th - Berlin, West Germany (1979)

5th - Williamsburg, VA, USA (1982)

6th - Merano, Italy (1985)

7th - Rancho Mirage, CA, USA (1988)

8th - Paris, France (1991)

9th - Orlando, FL, USA (1994)

10th - Strasbourg, France (1997)

11th - Nashville, TN, USA (2000)

12th - Maastricht, Netherlands (2003)

13th - Victoria, BC, Canada (2006)

14th - Brugge, Belgium (2009)

15th - Houston, TX, USA (2012)

16th - San Francisco, CA, USA (2013)

17th - Chicago, IL, USA (2014)

18th - Delft, Netherlands (2015)

19th - Boston, MA, USA (2016)

20th - Orlando, FL, USA (2017)

21st - Barcelona, Spain (2018)

22nd - New York City, NY (2019)


The WEC is currently planning the next Vitamin D Workshop which will be held on the Gold Coast of Australia in August 2020.

The 2020 meeting will be chaired by Dr. Peter Ebeling of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Updates and links will be posted on this website as decisions are reached.


Behind the Scenes


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the non-profit Vitamin D Workshop organization consists of internationally recognized PhD and MD scientists with active research programs in Vitamin D.  The Workshop Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the Board whose members are responsible for planning the annual meeting.  The Chair for each annual meeting is chosen from the WEC members.   

The Founding Directors who organized the Vitamin D Workshops for many years are Anthony Norman (UC Riverside) and Roger Bouillon (KU Leuven) 

Current members of the Board of Directors include James Fleet (CEO and 2019 Chair),  JoEllen Welsh (CFO),  Peter Ebeling (2020 Chair), Moray Campbell, Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi, Margherita Cantorna, Eniko Kallay, Mairead Kiely and Inez Schoenmakers. 


Program Advisory Committee

The Program Adivsory Committee (PAC) is an international group of 30-35 active research scientists with expertise in vitamin D.  PAC members assist the WEC in program planning, abstract ranking and review of manuscripts for the conference proceedings. PAC members are elected by the WEC.


Meeting Planner

Roxanne Hall of Meetings Plus! is the official meeting planner for the Vitamin D Workshops. Meetings Plus! has organized every Vitamin D Workshop since 2012.